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push.conference 2013



All conference tickets are taken, for a very last chance you can get in touch with us to join the waiting list!

connect, learn and get inspired at push.conference 2013

What you get

beverages & cold snacks incl.
2 day conference access
18 talks + exhibition
insights & networking

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Regular 2Day 349€ incl. VAT / 293.27€ excl. VAT
Late Bird 2Day 399€ incl. VAT / 335.29€ excl. VAT
Students 2Day 149€ incl. VAT / 125.21€ excl. VAT

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Your chance to learn hands-on from our great speakers.
Open for all, but conference guests enjoy a 100€ discount!

UI Transitions & Animation with CSS Thursday Oct. 24th

Kevin Sweeney, lead engineer at Vimeo, tells you how to advance the UI experience with animation and transitions from visible user interactions to clever behind-the-scenes helpers and widgets!

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