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push.conference 2013

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Kevin Sweeney / Vimeo

Lead Engineer at Vimeo


Kevin is an award-winning developer from Brooklyn who wants to make the web an even nicer place for you to hang out.

After graduating from RIT’s New Media Design program, he went to work for Fantasy Interactive, where he helped build interactive experiences for clients such as Nintendo, EA, National Geographic, and Fox.

Kevin is currently Lead Engineer at Vimeo in New York City. There, he focuses on furthering the front-end development of the site in order to improve the overall user experience for a global community of filmmakers and creatives.

Talk Info

talk date / time

25. October / 17:00

The Unseen Experience: Putting Detail Into The Web

Much of what separates an acceptable user experience from a great one is measurable only in the intangible… or is it? This session will explore the work that go into the often overlooked details of the web. From visible user interactions to behind-the-scenes code, explore the new technologies which continue to advance the state of the HTML web experience.

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